Transport 21

Leasing Partners

Transport 21 and its affiliate companies have been in the business of leasing trucks since 1965. During this time we have focused primarily on assisting individual owner operators acquire their own trucks.


Our beliefs:
"Over forty years of dedicated service to the transportation and truck lease industry. Committed to delivering a quality product with emphasis on customer satisfaction and success. A promise of integrity from a family owned business"


"The Transport 21 family has been very good to me. They are very helpful and anything I need they don't have a problem doing what they can help. They keep the best trucks and have no problem getting things fixed on them."

     - Jerry Nelson

"I have been with Transport 21 since 1981. I have leased and owned several trucks. Transport 21 has always been more than fair in the financing of my trucks. If it wasn't for the Miller family(Transport 21 is a 2nd generation company) leasing me a truck I would never have been able to do this on my own!!"
     - Gery Schoenhardt

"January 2009, I will own my truck! My experience with Transport 21 has been very positive. My payment comes out of my weekly settlement, I don't have to remember to send my payment, and it is so convenient. Thanks Transport 21!"
     - David Ellis

"I have just completed my 3 year lease! I am on my way to ownership. The terms of the lease are fair; success depends on keeping the wheels turning! Also Transport 21 has a great referral program, it put more $$$ in my pocket."
     - Ross Butler

"I have been in the Transport 21 lease for 18 months. Their equipment is very fuel efficient. The options to own your truck at the end of the 3 year lease provide the driver the ability to pay off their current truck or get newer equipment. Transport 21 has good carrier selection for the driver. Transport 21 is all about options!"
     - Allen Fairbanks