Transport 21

Truck Leasing


  • Every lease requires a $6,000 security deposit, which is paid on average, within the first 4-6 months, depending on your miles.
  • Your carrier will deduct all necessary carrier expenses (fuel, insurance, Qualcomm fees, plates, permits, etc.) before remitting the balance of the revenue to Transport 21.
  • While you are paying off your security deposit, you are set up on a draw account. This draw account allows you to take money home for you and your family at $0.25 per revenue mile. The remaining revenue will be applied to the lease payments and the security deposit.
    Example: If you run 10,500 miles per month, you will draw $2,625, or approximately $650 per week.
  • Once your security deposit is paid, you will be put on a full settlement. Transport 21 will deduct any advances, truck payments and additional truck expenses on your behalf and will deposit the balance directly into your bank account.
  • If needed, Transport 21 will provide a minimal weekly advance for running money for the week or for your expenses at home. This will be deducted from your settlement on a weekly basis.
  • Upon completion of the initial term of the lease, you have three options:
    • Continue to lease the tractor until it is paid in full.
    • Apply the $6,000 to the purchase option on the tractor you are in and get outside financing.
    • Lease a new truck and the $6,000 will transfer with you to the new truck.